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1010636 VarTec Dial Around Service

While 1010636 added a $2.95 monthly fee back in February 2003 for most users, some other dialaround services listed on 10-10PhoneRates.com have no monthly fee. Click the rate comparison links to find the best deal for your needs.

If you make out-of-state calls, your total monthly fee is $3.95, including the $1 fixed portion of VarTec's universal service fund charge. VarTec may also label this $1 fee as a "carrier cost recovery fee." 1010636 service is offered by Clear Choice Communications, a division of VarTec. They have a number of different rate plans that apply to prior customers. The rates and fees shown on 10-10PhoneRates.com are what VarTec had said they are charging new 1010636 customers for all states except California. Rates for international calls placed from California are different. All U.S. calls are billed with a 3-minute minimum per call.

A $1 fee is added even if you make only one short, out-of-state or foreign call in a month. The $1 fee is added in to the "Monthly Fee" column of my cost comparison tables, where it applies. VarTec also adds an additional percentage charge for the universal service fund.

Link opens in a new browser window: Click here for clearchoice.net

The Clear Choice customer service number is 1-800-668-4872.

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