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DialAround1010.com service by Primus

New .99 monthly Carrier Recovery Fee starting December 2006. The good news is now that the 3% Federal Excise tax has been discontinued; people using more than $32 of long distance per month will have a lower phone bill -- even with the .95 fee

This DialAround1010.com plan has a minimum billing requirement of $5 per month. If monthly usage totals less than $5, your bill will be adjusted to meet the $5 minimum.

DialAround1010.com service is provided by Primus. DialAround1010.com offers some of the lowest international rates. Their 5.5¢ per minute state-to-state rate applies in the continental US. Calling to Alaska and Hawaii costs 8¢ per minute. Calls made within your state cost more in most states (California in-state calls are at the 5.5¢ per minute rate). With the Dial Around 1010 plan, you must register any phone number you want to use it from in order to get the correct rates. As they note on the DialAround1010 web site, "If you use the dial around before registering, you will be billed at a much higher rate and we assume no liability for that misuse."
Because of that, it is strongly recommend that people register online and print out their registration page from the DialAround1010.com site.

Link opens in a new browser window: Click here to visit the DialAround1010.com website and confirm current rates.

The DialAround1010.com customer service number is 1-800-297-9533. Staffed 8am to 6pm Pacific Monday-Friday. Saturday 9-3 and Sunday 9-1 Pacific time.

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