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VoIP Hardware

At 1010PhoneRates.com, we do everything we can to find the cheapest deals on VoIP hardware and equipment for our readers. Equipment and hardware can be costly, that is why we have searched high and low to find the best deals available for you! We have found deals for both business and residential equipment deals to save you money no matter what.


Maximize the VoIP user communication experience with a headset. Make and receive phone calls without having to deal with a cumbersome handset by switching to a VoIP headset. They are versatile, allowing the user to do more than just talk on the phone. Headsets can come with features which include music, noise canceling earbuds, video conferencing, multi-media options, and more. Simplify the way you make communicate with a headset.

IP Phone

An IP telephone looks just like a conventional phone, but has an Ethernet port which delivers the where the IP signal. Communicating on an IP phone does not require a computer or any special software to receive VoIP phone calls. Whether you need multiple lines, dual Ethernet ports, are on a conservative budget or if you need to impress your boss a VoIP phone is the way to go.

VoIP Books

Expand your knowledge of VoIP with the 1010PhoneRates.com reccomended reading list. Knowing how VoIP works Learn about VoIP so you can take full advantage of your VoIP phone system and have complete control over your communications.

VoIP Router

A VoIP router is a device that connects networks through converting and forwarding data. VoIP routers can also be referred to as gateways or access servers, because they route and process the data involved in VoIP communications. VoIP routers can process more than just voice data, they can also process video and fax data via the internet. Routers can also be used communication within a network or for VPN communication.

Wireless VoIP

Unchain your phone system with the versatile and mobile services of Wireless VoIP hardware. VoIP will let you talk as much as you want, and wireless VoIP equipment will let you talk wherever you want.

General VoIP Hardware Information

are used with a hosted PBX or an IP PBX instead of ATAs and routers, enabling a company to use its legacy desk phones rather than switching to more expensive IP phones. A VoIP gateway converts incoming telephony traffic from the PSTN to VoIP, and vice versa for outgoing calls when necessary.

VoIP systems manage data through several different uses of software and hardware. VoIP PBX systems are either managed on premise or hosted virtually from a provider which offer different advantages and drawbacks depending on the needs and size of the customer. With an on premise PBX system, customers will need a SIP Trunking solution with their PBX. Hardware involving phones and phone accessories will be used for either hosted or on premise IP PBX’s.

IP Hardware Definitions

  • IP Phones - These are phones that take the analog data from traditional phone lines and convert them into digital voice data. IP Phones are an important addition to a VoIP phone system.
  • VoIP Headsets - These are devices used to free the user of the hassle of a handset phone. They are headsets equipped with speakers and a microphone and provide functionality combined with many helpful features.
  • ATA’s - Able to be used with standard phones on both a hosted or IP PBX phone system, an ATA converts analog signal into digital data. The use of an ATA creates a hybridized phone system.
  • Channel Banks - They convert analog data into digital at a very high rate. A channel bank can convert up to 24 lines at one time into one digital line. These are used in hybridized systems with businesses that need over twelve analog lines.
  • PoE - Power over Ethernet (PoE) means that phones draw their energy from the ethernet cable, rather than from a power adapter.

IP PBX Hardware

On site systems like IP PBX’s involve a set of hardware so that it may function well. Here is a list of the hardware needed to run an IP PBX:

  • IP PBX server
  • Gateway
  • Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) Cards
  • Power Supply
  • Router
  • SATA hard disk
  • RAID hard disk
  • Channel BAnks
  • VoIP Phones/VoIP Headsets

Though certain systems may require more or less equipment than is listed, that is a general idea of what you will need for your IP PBX phone system.

Hosted PBX Hardware

The benefit of a Hosted PBX phone system is that it eliminates the need for much of the expensive hardware. Other names for a Hosted PBX phone system are Cloud PBX or Virtual PBX, they are all interchangeable. For a Hosted PBX system you will need:

  • VoIP Phones/VoIP Headsets
  • ATA
  • VoIP Router

Choosing a Hosted phone system is the best option for businesses who are smaller and cannot afford the investment and upkeep of large PBX on premise systems.